WaveMaker البرمجة قليلة الكود البرمجة عديمة الكود البرمجة قليلة الرماز البرمجة عديمة الرماز البرمجة بدون كود برمجة بدون كود البرمجة منخفضة الكود Low Code Low-Code No-Code No Code تطوير التطبيقات بدون كود تطوير المواقع بدون كود تطزير مواقع الويب بدون كود


What is WaveMaker ؟

WaveMaker provides an exceptional enterprise application building experience, leveraging vast expertise in global software product creation. Its goal is to expedite and enhance software development through tools addressing UX challenges and skill shortages. Utilizing Low-Code, developers bypass complexities, boost productivity, and access transparent development tools. The platform integrates latest technologies for rapid software updates and improved user experiences, including AI. With WaveMaker, turning ideas into reality and swiftly building company applications is now achievable. Join this platform today for smooth, sustainable development.

Why WaveMaker ؟

WaveMaker isn’t just your typical Low-Code platform; it’s the only one in its class that combines the flexibility of low-code programming with the ability to generate real code. It stands out by providing users with significant freedom to choose technologies without constraints, allowing them to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and use technologies that perfectly meet their needs. The licensing model is based on the number of seats for developers, enabling companies to provide flexible and cost-effective resources. Customers find themselves preferring it due to the high level of confidence in the platform’s flexibility, reduced software development risks, and lower total cost of ownership. Thanks to its flexible licensing model, WaveMaker contributes to achieving flexible and cost-effective resource allocation, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to improve their operational efficiency.

WaveMaker features

High-quality code created using artificial intelligence.

It provides an enterprise-level user interface and back-end that can be customized and extended.

Java, Angular & React Native Stack

An open-source application development platform leveraging Java and Angular technologies for web applications, and React Native for mobile applications. It provides a unified development environment that enables developers to create cross-platform applications without the need to learn new technologies.

Reusable custom components

Creating highly reusable and adaptable custom components.

Importing design systems

Importing design files from Figma or customizing the local design system on this platform.

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