Softr البرمجة قليلة الكود البرمجة عديمة الكود البرمجة قليلة الرماز البرمجة عديمة الرماز البرمجة بدون كود برمجة بدون كود البرمجة منخفضة الكود Low Code Low-Code No-Code No Code تطوير التطبيقات بدون كود تطوير المواقع بدون كود تطزير مواقع الويب بدون كود


What is Softr ؟

Softr empowers individuals and non-technical teams to easily build business applications using an intuitive interface and a diverse range of templates and pre-built components.

Its capabilities in no-code programming may prove to be a game-changer in the business world, especially for companies with limited resources to hire specialized staff and allocate funds to build internal tools. It enables professionals to build internal tools, client portals, directories, and more without the need for programming, thereby improving internal workflow processes.

Why Softr ؟

Being one of the most popular no-code website development solutions, Softr garners widespread acclaim. With hundreds of five-star reviews and over 400,000 organizations in its community, Softr’s reputation is solid. Its robust and diverse tools enable users to craft professional websites effortlessly, sans coding. Moreover, its exceptional customer service and extensive integrations set it apart, making it the top choice for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses seeking swift and hassle-free website development.

Softr features

User management

It provides the ability to grant access to specific data, features, objects, etc., based on users, user roles, groups, etc.

Workflow capability

It helps automate processes that typically require input from multiple users. Administrators can create rules to determine who and when a user needs to complete a specific step. Additionally, the application sends notifications to users when action is required from them.


It enables easy interaction with other software, allowing users to seamlessly and efficiently integrate their applications with a variety of tools and services.

Performance and reliability

The software is continuously available, allowing users to complete tasks quickly as they do not wait for the program to respond to the action they have taken.


It boasts an excellent track record of continuous availability, ensuring a stable and reliable environment. Users can rely on it to complete their tasks without interruption, contributing to increased efficiency and ease of business operation.


The Softr dashboard allows administrators to customize the software to fit their specific needs. This includes creating custom elements such as fields, rules, accounts, and destinations.

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