Mendix البرمجة قليلة الكود البرمجة عديمة الكود البرمجة قليلة الرماز البرمجة عديمة الرماز البرمجة بدون كود برمجة بدون كود البرمجة منخفضة الكود Low Code Low-Code No-Code No Code تطوير التطبيقات بدون كود تطوير المواقع بدون كود تطزير مواقع الويب بدون كود


ماهي Mendix ؟

Mendix, a high-productivity application development platform, continuously builds and enhances web and mobile applications in a scalable manner. This platform accelerates the delivery of enterprise applications throughout the entire development lifecycle, from initial ideas to deployment and operation. Mendix offers powerful and easy-to-use tools, such as Mendix Studio Pro, to facilitate application design and creation without extensive coding. By using this platform, productivity improves and costs in application development decrease. Discover its power in accelerating digital transformation and achieving business success without significant programming hassle.

لماذا Mendix ؟

Mendix, a low-code development platform, serves enterprises’ needs by swiftly building efficient business applications. It empowers organizations to construct, test, and deploy applications with minimal coding, saving time and costs while expediting development and go-to-market processes. With a visual development environment and pre-built components, the application-building process simplifies, reducing reliance on manual coding. Collaboration, version control, and deployment facilitate work efficiency, minimizing errors and delays. Utilize this platform to enhance productivity and reduce costs in application development, achieving success in your business without significant programming complexities. Our platform offers the ideal solution for efficiently achieving your digital goals.

Mendix Features

Rapid expansion

Since 2023, more than 250,000 Mendix applications have been built by over 4,000 organizations worldwide.


the possibilities are limitless! Your applications, regardless of type, are ready for any channel, any device, connected or offline, smart or traditional.

Application development with Agile methodology

allows companies to participate in application development by making the logic clear and transparent.


The application can be deployed on any public or private cloud as well as on-premises.

Data expansion

Our platform allows you to integrate data and logic from any source, system, or service, enabling you to fully leverage core data and expand your system capabilities.

Rapid evolution

Develop applications ten times faster using only 70% of the resources.

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