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What is GoogleAppMaker ؟

GoogleAppMaker, part of the G Suite family, offered a low-code development tool for building and deploying custom business applications on the web. It debuted in 2016, accessible to users with G Suite Business, Enterprise subscriptions, and G Suite for Education. Users could utilize its visual editor with pre-designed templates, dragging and dropping elements. Customization was achieved through HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and Google’s Material Design framework.

Why Google App Maker ؟

Google App Maker is an enterprise application development tool aimed at developers who need to build custom internal applications for company employees, without the complexities of creating external applications. App Maker allows developers to create fast, customized applications that meet the company’s needs, whether for managing new employees, projects, or employee requests.

This service enables users to drag and drop elements on a user interface, adhering to Google’s visual design framework.

When applications are deployed, users will be able to monitor and track them using Google Analytics. This application allows users to meet their specific needs without the need for a developer’s assistance.

Google App Maker features


App Maker provides ready-made templates, practical examples, an easy-to-use drag-and-drop design interface, and clear data modeling. All of this helps IT developers, or anyone looking to automate work, to design and build applications more quickly.


App Maker supports Cloud SQL databases on the Google Cloud Platform as well as external databases using JDBC or REST API, ensuring high performance, scalability, and flexibility.

Empowerment and Control

App Maker provides G Suite administrators with greater control, allowing them to monitor applications running within the organization, including application owners, usage rates, and OAuth permissions. Additionally, the new whitelisting feature enables administrators to prevent applications from running without their approval.


App Maker allows you to easily connect your applications to core Google services like Gmail, Calendar, and Sheets, as well as other services via Apps Script. This enhances the power and functionality of your applications.

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