DraftBit البرمجة قليلة الكود البرمجة عديمة الكود البرمجة قليلة الرماز البرمجة عديمة الرماز البرمجة بدون كود برمجة بدون كود البرمجة منخفضة الكود Low Code Low-Code No-Code No Code تطوير التطبيقات بدون كود تطوير المواقع بدون كود تطزير مواقع الويب بدون كود


What is Draftbit ؟

Draftbit is a user-friendly platform for building applications without the need for deep coding experience. This platform allows you to design, build, and deploy your own application even if you don’t have extensive technical expertise.

Draftbit provides a simple and easy-to-use interface, with numerous customization options to adjust the appearance and interaction of your application. You can easily change colors, define shapes, and add content, enabling you to build a completely customized user experience according to your needs.

Additionally, you can rely on Draftbit’s team of experts to help you achieve your goals, whether it’s in designing and developing the application or dealing with more complex projects.

Why Draftbit ؟

App developers on other building platforms often face a problem when they later need to modify complex code. However, with Draftbit, you’re actually building production-ready software from the start, thanks to the code generated automatically based on your visual choices. This code is open-source, giving you complete freedom to modify it later on.

It allows you to create distinctive and powerful software solutions as it’s a visual development platform that relies on the most powerful tools available. This makes it ideal for tackling complex challenges and meeting the needs of your clients and team to the fullest.

مميزات Draftbit

Building Your Own Design System

With “themes,” you can customize the look and feel of your application. Using “fonts and icons,” you can control every detail of your app. And when building “saved components,” you can create your own components and then save them for reuse throughout your application.

Build anything.

You can build anything from scratch using low-level components. You can progress quickly using higher-level components. Additionally, you can add custom code through the “Add Custom Code” field to inject custom source code into any screen in your application.

Collaborating with others

You can invite your team to collaborate in workspaces with you to build together. With support for freelancers and agencies, you can get unlimited workspaces and unlimited collaboration for a single fixed price.


You can connect your application to supported external platforms through custom integrations.

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