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What is Bubble ؟

Bubble is a no-code application development framework that relies on No-Code programming. You can design, develop, host, and scale applications easily without the need for coding skills. Bubble hosts hundreds of thousands of web applications serving millions of users, encompassing a variety of projects from startups to large corporations and universities. It was selected as one of the most innovative small and powerful companies by Fast Company in 2021.

Why Bubble ؟

You may be familiar with the concept of coding without actually coding or No-Code programming in web development. Bubble represents a groundbreaking platform, revolutionizing the approach to web application construction. Unlike conventional programming environments, Bubble stands out as a code-free platform, facilitating web development and broadening the scope of app creation to a broader audience. It offers an exceptional environment where creativity seamlessly integrates with functionality, sidestepping the necessity to grasp intricate programming languages.

With its intuitive visual interface, Bubble empowers users to effortlessly drag and drop elements to assemble their custom web applications. This strategy eradicates the daunting learning curve often linked with web development, making it accessible to entrepreneurs, business proprietors, and tech enthusiasts alike. By bridging the divide between concept and implementation, Bubble furnishes users with the capability to actualize their digital aspirations, irrespective of their technical proficiency.

Bubble features

Encrypted and integrated database.

It provides you with a customizable ready-made database for your application, saving you the hassle of creating it from scratch.

A powerful workflow engine

Its workflow editor allows you to link elements on your page with specific actions and workflows.

Expansion, sharing, and measurement

It helps you build an active customer base by integrating marketing features (such as email and SEO) with your current tools. It also allows you to track customer behavior to improve your product and business.

Secure and scalable hosting

After finishing designing your application on it, you can publish it to users with just one click, with the option to link it to your own domain.

Infinitely scalable

It allows you to fully expand your application using JavaScript plugins and API connectors without writing code. You can find solutions to your business problems from the Bubble store or create custom solutions.

User Management

It allows you to create user accounts with login using passwords or OAuth 2.0 providers such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google.

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