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Betty Blocks

What is Betty Blocks ؟

Betty Blocks, situated in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, is a pioneering force in the Software as a Service (SaaS) sector. Renowned for its innovative No-Code platform, it simplifies application development without the need for advanced coding skills.

Under the adept leadership of CEO Chris Obdam, BettyBlocks efficiently navigates the industry. Leveraging innovative technology, the platform empowers companies and organizations to build applications cost-effectively, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and market competitiveness.

Why Betty Blocks ؟

Combining ease of use with effectiveness, BettyBlocks provides smart, efficient solutions for IT leaders in enterprises. With no limitations on capabilities, it empowers the development of intelligent solutions tailored to business needs, free from the constraints of No-Code or Low-Code platforms. Unlike the complexity often associated with some No-Code platforms, Betty Blocks offers user-friendly simplicity for all. Its power and flexibility afford IT leaders complete control in crafting custom solutions to meet their objectives.

The possibilities for building advanced web and mobile applications are endless, all without the need for advanced coding skills.

Betty Blocks features


BettyBlocks allows you to reuse parts of applications in new ones, saving you time in development. Additionally, you can contribute to the community by sharing your own components for others to use.

Fun and fast data

BettyBlocks allows you to easily manage your data through visual modeling, drag-and-drop, rather than writing complex code, making the process of creating complex data models quick and enjoyable.

Enterprise-level security

Your data is safe with us! We understand that security is not an option, and we reaffirm our enterprise-level security capabilities through ISO 27001 certification.

Integrate everything you need.

BettyBlocks allows you to easily integrate with various web services such as Slack and Twitter by simply dragging and dropping the required components from the Block Store into your application.

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